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IMMORTAL ROSE company for interior and exterior design and furnishing. We are a specialized company with integrated services that include interior design, architectural design, and all furnishing and finishing works for all types of residential and commercial projects. Our goal is to provide the best high-quality creative designs that combine beauty and practicality.

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Our special services

Interior design

Our interior design services provide residential and commercial projects with the opportunity to create luxurious spaces that reflect the style of our clients and fulfill their aspirations. We aim to provide the best creative designs that combine beauty and functionality.

Architecture and architecture

We combine the latest global trends with a local touch. We provide creative solutions and ideas to the needs and requirements of our clients taking into account other design elements. You will find guidance and guidance to choose the most appropriate design for your project.


Furniture is one of the most important elements in the design of interior spaces. We provide many options for our customers from carrying out all the decoration, finishing and furnishing options according to the design style that meets the requirements of customers.

After-sales service

Every action is taken to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the final result. Our team of experts is ready to make the necessary adjustments according to the requirements. And continuous follow-up even after completion and delivery of the project.

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Welcome to The Immortal Rose

A company specializing in interior and exterior design and furnishing. IMMORTAL ROSE design offers integrated solutions in the design and management of residential and commercial projects to local and international business partners. The mission of immortal Rose is to provide a creative, innovative, and valuable design standard through the cooperation and professional understanding of an internal team of Engineers, Designers, Project Managers and landscapers gathered together throughout the construction and implementation journey in order to achieve the best result that meets the requirements of our customers, satisfies their tastes.

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